Work Hard. Have Fun.

We're Serious about Fun

Think about the last time a really great idea slapped your face, punched you in the gut and kicked your shins until you had no choice but to relent to its demands.

Was it hour three of an endless conference call as your eyelids sagged and a string of drool started descending your chin? Or maybe you were strapped to a dentist’s chair, numb from neck to nose as the whirr and hiss of the drill reminded you of that slice of cheesecake you just couldn’t resist.

Maybe, but probably not. Here at EPIC Creative®, we’ve found that the really great ideas — the ones that beat us bloody with their brilliance — happen when we’re having fun. Sometimes fun is pulling all-nighters with a three-day deadline for a two-week project. Sometimes it’s blowing bubbles and playing basketball until the muse strikes.

Our workplace might be eccentric and irreverent, but we take our clients and their marketing objectives very seriously. When it comes to making a monolithic isolation joint relatable or a grass seed revolutionary, we produce campaigns that move the needle for our clients and put awards on our shelves.

Whether it’s a one-off product video or a top-to-bottom rebrand, we have the talent, expertise and attitude to make your company shine. And we guarantee it’ll be less painful than a root canal.

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