Floratine Brochure

The Floratine product catalog is a sales tool that allows the company’s sales team to provide information to their customers (including golf course superintendents and professional sports turf managers) about its soil- and foliar-based fertilizers. The catalog helps customers put together a comprehensive turf management program and maintain superior turfgrass quality while battling weather and disease pressures.

Floratine’s brand color is orange, so the catalog cover owns that color and establishes immediate brand recognition. We incorporated Floratine’s key value propositions by showing the liquid pouring from the orange Floratine jug. That creates a visual metaphor for the quality and benefits of the company’s products.

Within the catalog, we provide in-depth product descriptions along with supplemental information about the science and technology that contribute to turfgrass health. This provides the audience with the resources they need to make informed product decisions and establishes Floratine as a thought leader in its field.

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