Frozen Frontline Campaign

Celebrating 65 years in 2015, WESTERN® called on EPIC to create a campaign that would build a stronger bond between the brand and the customers. One thing we learned during the research phase was that WESTERN owners have quite a few stories to tell, and boy do they love to tell them. If telling a buddy at the diner about something crazy that happened last week is fun, imagine if they could tell the whole world!?

Real-Life Stories

The Frozen Frontline campaign brought thousands of users to a webpage dedicated to the men and women of WESTERN. The webpage was a place for WESTERN owners to share their best snowplowing stories and read those of other hardworking snow plowers just like them.

Digital Campaign

Together with Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, animated web graphics, and a sweepstakes promotion, EPIC helped WESTERN meet their goal in fostering long term loyalty with their customers.

Our Facebook campaign dominated. Our posts created over 1.2 million impressions, generating more than 8,000 clicks to the webpage.

With almost 6,000 visits to the webpage and over 50 story submissions, we call this campaign a success.

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