Healthy Grow Branding

Dave Thompson taught elementary school and wanted his students to learn about sustainability and the cycle of life. So, he bought some chickens. And they laid some eggs. The eggs hatched and the children learned.

Skip ahead a few years and Dave Thompson is now a full-time egg producer. His naturally raised hens produce some of the healthiest, tastiest eggs around, but they also produce chicken litter — and lots of it. Seeing an opportunity, Dave developed a unique, aerobic composting technique that took a lot longer to produce than other chicken litter fertilizers, but resulted in a much higher quality product.

Dave Thompson’s Organic Healthy Grow® was born. Dave turned to EPIC Creative and together we realized that the key element to his fertilizer is the way that it’s made. “The Way It’s Made Matters™” became our anthem and we set about creating a brand.

The web of life

The next step was to create a website that not only provided all relevant product and purchasing information, but that told the Dave Thompson story and what makes his Organic Healthy Grow fertilizers so unique. The website look and tone reflected that of the packaging, and the grassroots, sustainability narrative created a brand that any homeowner would feel good about using on their garden or lawn.

The way it’s packaged
matters, too

EPIC Creative worked with the Thompson family to create inviting, attractive packaging that communicated the brand’s wholesome, sustainable philosophy. A sepia-toned background provided consistency between the product lines while individual colors were chosen for each specific type of fertilizer.

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