Orlison Brewing Company

Golden Hills Brewing Company, located in Spokane, Washington, made award-winning beer, but was struggling to gain attention in the highly saturated Pacific Northwest brewing scene. Formerly known as “Grandpa’s beer,” it was time for a brand refresh — and it all started with their new name, Orlison Brewing. Their new tagline, Brew No Evil™, was created to reflect the purity of its beers and the company’s lighthearted and irreverent spirit.

"Yes We Can”

The goal was to appeal to a younger demographic and celebrate the company’s exclusive lager-style beers. EPIC began by renaming their beers and redesigning their cans with a sleek, industrial-chic background that gave prominence to the name of the beer in bold, colored lettering. Being the only brewery in the region that sold its beers in cans at the time, we emphasized this unique feature with a "Yes We Can" media campaign.

Creating an
online hub

EPIC redesigned the Orlison website to become an online destination for fans to find Orlison beer, discover upcoming events and tastings, and learn more about the company’s all-lager brewing philosophy. The new design carries the same, industrial-chic look of the cans and features bottom-to-top scrolling, heavy textures and black-and-white photography with very reserved, deliberate use of color for emphasis.

The Roll Out

With the new company name, new beer names, packaging and website redesigns complete, it was time to introduce Orlison to the masses. Extensive social media campaigns were launched through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Untapped to build awareness of and buzz for the brand. Additional branded merchandise was created for fans to show their passion for Orlison beers. PR efforts centered on the canning of Orilson beers netted substantial coverage in local and trade media outlets. Finally, Orlison teamed up with Spokane native and former New Orleans Saints football star, Steve Gleason, to create a new beer in his honor. Proceeds benefited those who are afflicted with ALS, like Steve.