Roto Grip Rebranding

To appeal to a younger demographic and draw customers away from other “cool” brands, EPIC gave bowling ball maker Roto Grip a strong, edgy and immediately recognized brand identity.


The keystone of the campaign was the creation of personas that reflected the attitude and performance level of the ball. These personas were carried through in print and digital ads, a new website, tradeshow booth graphics, in-store displays, social media and more.


We cleaned up and simplified Roto Grip’s catalog with a stronger emphasis on their products and the selection process. One of the central elements to this was the establishment of a hook potential ratings system and the Guts, Grit and Grime™ ball performance characteristics.


The new brand identity was reinforced in Roto Grip’s tradeshow booth displays, which carried bold, large-scale images of the new personas along with their catalogs and bowling accessories.

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