Roto Grip Website

EPIC developed a new website for Roto Grip as part of an overall rebranding effort that included the introduction of a new ratings system and revised product lines. The new design puts the product front and center with rotating sliders featuring the latest releases. All of the important content is easily accessible from the homepage while maintaining a clean look and reflecting the company’s new brand image and bold attitude.


Know What You’re Rolling

Each ball in the active lineup has its own page where you can access all of the technical information, watch ball reaction videos and compare lane paths to other Roto Grip balls.

Find Your Match

The Star Search feature allows users to enter information about themselves and their bowling performance to receive a personalized recommendation for which current Roto Grip balls will work best for them.

Meet The Team

Roto Grip’s professional staff members and their accomplishments are featured in the "Team RG" section of the website.