Rubberific Website

Rubberific manufactures outdoor landscaping products, including shredded rubber mulch, landscape border and edging, tree rings and pavers, using recycled rubber from tires. EPIC Creative® was tasked with creating the company's website, Rubberific.com, to educate homeowners and do-it-yourself landscapers about the long-lasting beauty and cost savings of Rubberific products.


Clean design and easy navigation

The website’s design and use of product and lifestyle imagery highlight the ease of use and longevity of Rubberific products. The site navigation allows visitors to quickly and easily find the content they need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Detailed information and buying assistance

The Products page shows the full line of Rubberific products to make it easy for visitors to find the product information they need. Detailed product pages contain features, benefits, imagery and video. Plus, clear links to the In-Store Product Locator and Buy Online pages allow customers to easily find nearby retailers and online outlets where products are available.

Usage and savings calculators

The Coverage Calculator and Lifetime Value Calculator allow customers to figure out how much Rubberific mulch they will need for their specific project. They'll also discover the long-term cost savings they will achieve by using Rubberific versus traditional wood mulch.


Since its launch, Rubberific.com has been successful in providing consumers with key features, benefits and "where to buy" information that hadn't previously been available for Rubberific products. For potential customers interested in learning more or making the switch to rubber landscaping products, Rubberific.com provides educational content and reasons why rubber mulch and rubber landscaping products might be a good fit for their specific landscape or outdoor space. The website has also been successful in providing consumers a way to connect with the Rubberific brand. They can now ask questions and give comments and feedback through the contact form of the website and social media outlets, resulting in more Facebook followers and video views.