Spancrete 3D App

Spancrete, a manufacturer of premium pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete building solutions, wanted to support sales staff during presentations at trade shows and client visits. The problem was that potential customers wanted to see the entire manufacturing plant so that they could fully grasp how Spancrete operates. Spancrete needed a way to give its potential customers a tour without the expense of taking them to one of its plants. 

EPIC was eager to help and came up with the Spancrete 3D App, which allows Spancrete sales representatives to lead an interactive, virtual tour. The 3D App covers everything from the parking lot to the factory floor, with scheduled stops at key pieces of machinery that are essential to Spancrete’s operation. 

In addition to the virtual tour, we also built a space for informational marketing materials, including: videos, sell sheets, brochures and other resources that would be useful to the sales team.

We didn’t just build Spancrete an app, we built them a complete plant within an app, and then added product specs and info to make sure their sales team would have everything they need to succeed.