Social Media

Roto Grip

Roto Grip has an edgy, in-your-face bowling ball brand, and we created a social media presence to match it. We feature professional bowlers, new ball launches, and an irreverent brand voice to showcase its tough and aggressive attitude.

Live Event Coverage

We wanted Roto Grip to stand out on the bowling world’s biggest stage. At Bowl Expo, in both 2014 and 2015, we created buzz and drew attention by live-tweeting and live-webcasting the release of new bowling balls. Last year, we even ventured out into Periscope — with huge success!


countries tuned in to live Roto Grip updates from Bowl Expo

Social Graphics

We captured Roto Grip’s over-the-top attitude with our social graphics and brand voice, leaving a lasting impression on fans.

Strong graphics can create a much more powerful impression than text alone

Facebook Ads

Our Facebook ads employed the first-person voice of the ball personas, setting Roto Grip apart from their competitors. We also used a wide variety of tactics (video ads, retargeting ads) to find and bring Roto Grip’s message to the target audience.


new Facebook fans in four and a half years


Twitter is a perfect platform to keep track of Roto Grip’s sponsored bowlers and have fun with the brand voice. While some news is recapped, we also live tweeted from big events like Bowl Expo.


We doubled Roto Grip’s Twitter following to over 10,000 people.