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Despite the blowing snow, freezing temperatures and long hours, snowplowers truly take pride in their work and their equipment. We developed a social media presence that captures plowers’ love for their craft and showcases their passion for WESTERN® snow plows all year long.



EPIC brought WESTERN® to a platform where plow owners love to show off their gear. In the 6 months after launching the Instagram account, WESTERN® organically gained more than 800 followers.


followers gained since launch in 2015

Digital Campaigns

Snow plowing is a lifestyle that only those who have spent time behind the windshield understand. With social media campaigns like “Born To Plow,” we met our fans out in the trenches.

The “Born To Plow” campaign earned 1.1 million PPC impressions, a 31% increase in year­-over-year web traffic, and more than 1,000 new Facebook fans.


increase in web traffic during the "Born To Plow" campaign

Social Graphics

Nothing stands out quite like big red WESTERN® graphics and a messaging platform that captures that feeling and instantly connects with customers and fans.


new Facebook fans in 2014

Fan­-Submitted Content

A snowplow operator’s rig is an extension of his or her personality and livelihood. To capture that, we made the snow plower a key component of the brand’s social media strategy. We regularly feature fan­-submitted photos and videos, showcasing the plows in their real­-life applications.


social referrals to

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