A Quick Word on COVID-19 and Live Streaming

author: Gail Burnside

Written by: Gail Burnside

VP, Business Development + Marketing


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A post we’d had in the can for some time and planned to publish later this month—
a case study on the benefits of live streaming—suddenly took on new relevance with the emergence of COVID-19. You’ve no doubt heard that, while some major conferences such as HIMMS simply won’t happen in 2020, Google and IBM are planning on, or at least exploring, technologies like live streaming as a means to stave off outright cancellation of their own events.

This makes a lot of sense. Big industry and corporate events like those noted above feature programming that’s often years in the making, they’re timed to coincide with product launches, and they represent a rare opportunity for brands to have their audience’s more-or-less undivided attention. Their cancellation means an almost incalculable loss for organizers, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees alike.

Here’s the thing: The same could be said of any industry or corporate event, regardless of its size or name recognition. So I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled blog post to make one point: You don’t have to be Google or IBM to live stream your event. If I didn’t work at EPIC, that’d probably be my assumption based on the proximity of the names and the technology in the news. But the fact is that live streaming is well within reach for companies and events of all sizes.

So, if you’re on the verge of canceling your event, or your company had big plans for a presentation, demonstration, or product launch at a canceled conference or trade show, know that you still have options. Obviously, we’d like it if you’d work with us. But in the face of this much uncertainty, if business goes on anything like usual, I figure we all win.

Please reach out if we can be of service. You can learn more and view our video team’s COVID-19 Precautions here.

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