EPIC Behind The Scenes: Distance + Disinfection

Behind The Scenes | Distance + Disinfection

author: Brittany Pawlowski

Written by: Brittany Pawlowski

Video Producer


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Keeping Studio Shoots Safe

Our Video | Motion | Photo (VMP) team has been operating safely for more than a year under COVID protocols. Since EPIC started as a video production team more than three decades ago, we’ve had to adapt to countless changes, but never a global pandemic. Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at how we prepare for a safe and socially distanced studio shoot.

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Sam Gruetzmacher, Videographer
Sam Gruetzmacher, Jim Cutting + Benjamin Wick, Talent
Brittany Pawlowski, Producer + Editor


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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Sam, a videographer here at EPIC Creative, and today we’re going to be setting up for our shoot in our studio.

We have talent coming in today, so I’ll be running teleprompter. Ben, another videographer here, will be running the cameras. But first let’s go talk to Jim, our producer, to see what else he might need.

Okay. Let’s walk us through the shoot today.

Okay. Let’s get this done. We’re burning daylight.

Burning daylight.

We’ve got the SCAG in there. We need a little bit of furniture in there. Two-camera shoot, FS shoot. Okay, so we got our SCAG out here. Camera one here; talent here. Camera two: right here. Table and chairs: right here. We’ll do some work with some signage. We need some good backlights, some good treatment there on the backlight, and we’ll just fill in with everything that we need lighting-wise.

This is of course a COVID shoot, so let’s make sure that we’re all masked up and we pay attention to multiple touchpoints. Use a lot of hand sanitizer.


Everything that we need to do to just make it safe.

Cool. Sounds good.

We’ll have our talent coming in today and they’ll be standing right here in the middle of the studio wearing a Lavalier microphone we’ve already wiped down.

One of the basic things we do is wipe everything down. We’ll take the microphone, give it a quick swipe with the antibacterial wipes, making sure to get the whole cable, wiping down the packs. Basically anything that gets shared between coworkers, shooters, editors, or talent like we have today.

And action.

That’s a wrap on our shoot. Now we get to tear down, clean all of our cameras and gear, and get ready for the next shoot.

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