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Real Experiences for the The Real World

An EPIC Creative internship, or as we call it—Awesomeship—isn’t your stereotypical coffee-fetching, photocopy-making grunt work position some interns have to endure to get their foot in the door.

You’ll be challenged. You'll be yanked outside your comfort zone. And you'll have a damn good time doing it. An EPIC Creative Awesomeship is a real-world learning environment that will provide you with the foundation for a career in advertising, marketing or a related field.

The program is designed with YOU in mind. Your Awesomeship will deliver an integrated approach to client management in order to build a broad understanding of how a full-service agency operates and supports its clients’ marketing goals and objectives.

Successful completion of the program will provide interns with the necessary skill set to thrive in their future professional endeavors.

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Want to intern at EPIC Creative? 

Make sure your resume and cover letter bring your "A" game.

Do your research. Take time to learn about EPIC's diverse client roster and unique agency culture.

During the interview, be prepared to discuss your interests, skills and suitability as they relate to the position.

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