Continuing a Legacy to Live By

Fisher Plows

Continuing a Legacy to Live By

A fixture in New England for over 70 years, FISHER's distinctive yellow plows have enjoyed the type of fierce regional loyalty—and, in turn, market dominance—that spans generations.

In 2018, however, a competitor—previously only a minor player in the region—mounted a challenge, offering aggressive sales and trade-in incentives to select New England markets.

Recognizing that it’s much easier to retain a current customer than create a new one, EPIC helped FISHER respond quickly and decisively: For four weeks in the fall of 2018, we used a mix of tactics to reach highly targeted audiences in the same markets, presenting a compelling brand story that reminded them—in their language and in no uncertain terms—“This is FISHER NATION.”


total impressions


10-sec. video views


100% video view completion


average click through rate*

*National average brand awareness CTR is 0.32%


total impressions


total website clicks


YouTube view-through rate*


Video Pre-Roll video-completion rate*

Industry average view-through rate: 28%, Industry average video-completion rate: 75%


total reach in targeted area.


Product Manager

Fisher Engineering

EPIC is always coming up with fresh ways to assist our team in increasing sales and dealer traffic in areas where we need support. We can always count on them to come through with an effective strategy that is nimble and on budget.

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