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Weekday Scrum + Weekend Weddings

Miranda Lindner is a project manager at EPIC, and is also self-employed as a wedding photographer. Her creative and organizational skills fuel her work in both roles … and both roles are fulfilling in different ways.

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I’ve always had a really big interest in photography. I remember being a kid and borrowing my parents’ cameras to go stage photos in my bedroom, setting up backdrops, and things like that. I have been at EPIC for nine months. I’m a project manager. My position gives me a chance to do all of the things I love.

In my spare time, when I’m not working at EPIC Creative, I am a photographer. We do photo and video, and I work with my fiance on that. We do our own design, and we write our own copy. So it’s all of these things that I also have my hands in at EPIC. And the way that the knowledge transfers makes me feel like I’m always learning.

At EPIC, we do a lot of really impactful projects. Recently we did a campaign with Washington County that was focused on helping people with substance use issues or mental health problems find the resources that they need. It’s really gratifying work to be able to do something that actually helps people’s real lives.

That’s the really amazing thing about EPIC Creative: it really is what it says it is. It feels like it’s too good to be true at first, but you walk in the door, and you realize that not only do they SAY they’re scrappy, honest, and kind, people ARE scrappy, honest, and kind. It’s really amazing to be in a place that lives the values that they say.

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