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30 Years of Memories

It’s the end of an era. Senior Photographer Scott Leiphart was one of EPIC’s first employees when he started in March 1992—only our founder has been here longer. And today is Scott’s last day. We took this last opportunity to ask him about some of his memories of these last 30 years.

We’ll miss you, Scotty … enjoy retirement!



I’m honest, scrappy, and kind, and as happy as could be. I’ve been here 30 years or more, and I have been a senior photographer for all those years.

I started with 4×5 film, so I’m not computer savvy. I’m not digital savvy. My real passion is the art of photography, which I’ve tried to do all through my career. If you don’t understand F-stops and ISO and shutter speeds and light and all that stuff, you’ll never be a good photographer. I really like the shooting and just nailing it. So, when you show it to somebody, they’re like, “Wow, that looks really good and it doesn’t look lit.” That’s what I like. I’m after a really good picture for every client I shoot for. And that’s the truth.

SCAG and Douglas Dynamics: Those two are my favorite. But they both don’t come to shoots anymore … so that makes me feel really good that I’ve been able to educate them in what I do a little bit.

The people that EPIC hires are not normal people. People who are creative are just emotional. So they put that emotion in whatever they do. And we have so many people like that here. They spend time finding out who you are—not what you can do—who you are. It’s a good place.

I’m close to retirement. We had fun and worked hard. I really wish I could just park here for a little bit and then go back another 20 years and just play for a few months back there again, and then come back here and go on, because I’m anxious to be retired and I can’t wait. And yet I’m scared …This has been such a ride for me. I think everybody here—through all the years—all tried to be on a team and really tried hard, and it made me feel good here. I mean, I like coming to work.

Phew. It’s been a good ride. I will miss everybody here.

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