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Employees Who Came Back To EPIC

In a special edition of E-Roll, we meet five EPIC team members who make up the EPIC “Boomerang Club” … employees who left for other employers but found that absence made the heart grow fonder. Hear their stories and learn why they came back to EPIC.

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Tim Merath: I came back to EPIC.
Lindsay Kellerman: I came back to EPIC.
Natalie Breezee: I came back to EPIC.
Steve Garrou: I came back to EPIC.
Gail Burnside: I came back to EPIC.
Tim Merath: It was pretty quick after I left EPIC that I felt like I’d probably made a mistake.
Natalie Breezee: I really started to miss some of the little things, like people and flexibility, and trust and components that EPIC offered.
Steve Garrou: How long was I away? Only eight months. The longest eight months of my life.
Lindsay Kellerman: Walking back into EPIC, it felt comfortable.
Gail Burnside: It feels very natural.
Natalie Breezee: When I came back to EPIC, it felt amazing.
Steve Garrou: These are my people. This is my family.
Natalie Breezee: I realize that the people at EPIC are my people.
Tim Merath: Really, I think we can do the work we do anywhere, but it’s a choice to do it here with these people, so we like to say EPIC is what you make of it.
Lindsay Kellerman: I’m very much proof that EPIC is what you make of it here.
Gail Burnside: The role I’m in now didn’t exist when I started here.
Steve Garrou: It’s just this conglomerate of passionate, creative people.
Gail Burnside: I think it does kind of go back to our values. We’re scrappy, honest, and kind.
Natalie Breezee: It’s just comforting and gives you a level of confidence when you know that the people around you are going to help you succeed.
Lindsay Kellerman: It’s hard to find a company where you know everybody and you really like everybody you work with, and I really feel like that’s EPIC.
Tim Merath: That’s solidarity and trust in each other, and nobody leaving anybody behind, means even if you have a bad day, someone’s got your back.
Natalie Breezee: My favorite thing about returning to EPIC is the trust that I have with my teammates.
Lindsay Kellerman: Is the flexibility they offer to each employee,
Tim Merath: Is the solidarity,
Gail Burnside: Is the variety of clients I get to work with,
Steve Garrou: Is the people.

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