Unmanned Aerial


Why choose EPIC Aerial?

  • We’re really good at this — Expert pilots, experienced producers, engaging editors. We know what it takes to make your video soar
  • We’ve dotted our I’s and crossed our T’s — Fully insured, safety focused and FAA licensed
  • We get the views — Your efforts are wasted if no one sees your video. Full service marketing support makes sure you reach your audience

Choosing an aerial video and photo provider is about more than just finding someone with a drone.

With EPIC Creative® you get vision, style, technical excellence and just the right amount of swagger. We’ve been in the unmanned aerial game since drones became commercially available, delivering captivating, dramatic videos and photography that take this technology to new heights for our clients' businesses and products.

Video is how EPIC Creative got its start, and our unmanned aerial services are just one more way that we’re raising the bar (literally and figuratively) in marketing communications.

We’ve got the Section 333 Exemption

We’ve got the Section 333 Exemption



What is a 333 and why should you care?

  • It’s in a whole different league from a basic operator’s license
  • A Section 333 exemption lets us do things others can’t
  • It’s your assurance that we know what we’re doing

So now that just about anyone can legally shoot commercial drone video, that means the difference comes down to who can capture the best footage, right? Wrong.

EPIC Creative got out ahead of the curve and is one of the only agencies in the area to hold a Section 333 commercial use exemption. That means that we have the ability to fly above 400 feet, at night and in Class C airspace — all of which are off limits to those with a basic remote control operator’s permit.

Our section 333 gives us the ability to shoot video that others can’t, and it gives our clients the confidence of working with a company that takes the ramifications of unmanned aerial services seriously. And we carry the insurance to back it up.

Of course, to make less demanding shoots go a little smoother, we also hold the new Part 107 operator’s permit. This means fewer approvals are needed low altitude, daytime and less restricted air space flights.



Meet your flight crew

Who are these aerial sensations?

  • A full team of producers, editors, pilots, animators and assistants
  • Years of experience, from television broadcast to feature films
  • The latest gear and technology
Miles Cooksy

Our lead Pilot

“Captain” Miles Cooksy

Miles Cooksy is a fully certified private pilot. Not just drones — real, actual airplanes. He spent 30 hours of class time and 100 hours of flight time to earn his wings. A self-confessed video tech geek, Miles has logged over 400 hours of drone video flight time and has the reels to prove it. He has lots of certifications, is cool and handsome, and you should talk to him sometime. (He made us put that last part in there, but we agree — on most of it, anyway)

The Flight Crew

When you hire EPIC Aerial, you get more than just your friend’s cousin who got a drone for his birthday last year. You get:

  • Producers who can take you through the entire process, from concept to completion
  • Editors who can take raw footage and craft a brilliant narrative
  • A full-service marketing department that can handle posting your video to the web, social media, eblasts, broadcast and more
  • Our proud pilots, taking to the skies with skill and perspective
Miles Cooksy

Miles Cooksy

Lead Pilot

Jordan Hahn

Jordan Hahn


Scott Rivera

Scott Rivera


Hayley McCormick

Hayley McCormick


Ground Crew

The Ground Crew

They might not have their wings, but they still know how to make a project soar.

  • Zak Becker, Account Manager
  • Fuzz Martin, Vice President, Strategy
  • Sheri Kirchoff, Digital Marketing Manager
  • Rachel Bertsch, Web Art Director
  • Chris Mier, Copy Manager
  • John Crossman, Senior Editor

I want more drone Videos More Drone videos

The View from above

What does this all mean for you?

  • A reliable, experienced outfit that understands all aspects of video development
  • Confidence that we are fully insured and all laws will be followed
  • Assurance that your video will reach your intended audience

We not only meet or exceed all local, state and federal regulations for the safe and legal operation of commercial drone service; we also have the expertise and vision to capture scintillating, dynamic footage. Whether you need to shoot awe-inspiring landscapes, intense action shots or precision-guided interiors, we have the talent, equipment and experience to make your vision a reality.

And we’re more than a “capture and release” video company — we’ll process and edit the footage into a final product and help you broadcast, upload to your website, post to social channels, burn to DVD/Blu-ray and send to customers, present at tradeshows or whatever you want to do with it. Check out the demo reels below and just imagine what we could do for your brand.

Ready to start your own drone project?

Give us a call at (262) 338–3700 or email us at info@EPICCreative.com

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