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The Account Team Guards Our Clients’ Interests

The cooler air and fallen leaves can only mean one thing. No, not fall. Football. And since our minds have little room for anything but fantasy leagues, free agents and injury reports, we figured the EPIC blog wouldn’t be complete without a good ol’ gridiron analogy.

So, if EPIC were a football team, what would it look like? Coach Becker might call an audible, but we think there’s a strong case for making the account team our first string offensive line. Unsung heroes, battling in the trenches, keeping the fragile creatives—uh, um, we mean running backs and receivers—safe and productive.

Before taking the field, the account team needs to learn each play inside and out. Do they block to the left or to the right? Are we handing it off for a quick eblast, or are we going long with a multimedia campaign? They have to go into the game completely comfortable with the playbook so that they can make all the right calls during game time.

Once the game begins, the O-line needs to maintain a constant level of communication with each other, with the rest of the offense and with the coaches to make sure they make all of the right moves. One miscommunication and the line could fall apart, leaving the rest of the offense vulnerable to missed deadlines or budget overages.

Throughout the game, the offensive line needs to monitor their success, making sure their blocks are holding so the rest of the offense can get the ball down the field. If their tactics aren’t working, they need to make changes to improve their gameplay and keep their plays fresh. If our click-throughs are down, maybe we need to substitute in a new call-to-action or bring in a tight end for additional support.

Even after the game, the O-line of any football team must continue to foster strong relationships with each other and the rest of the team. Without true connections, the trust and teamwork on the field would suffer, creating chaos when the team needs to come together again for the next game.

The O-line is often overlooked, but without them, there would be no way to move the ball down the field, and our projects would get sacked in short order. No one plays on the offensive line for the fame or glory; they play because they love the sport and they love supporting their team. They aren’t afraid to take a few hits to make sure their team is as successful as they can be, and for that, we (and quarterbacks around the country) are grateful.

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