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Inside EPIC’s Efforts To Bring Holiday Cheer To Those In Need

They say that during the holiday season, it’s better to give than to receive, and we take that to heart in a practical way through a Washington County organization called the Gingerbread House. Our own digital production manager, Lindsay Kellerman, put on her elf shoes and gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the organization and how EPIC employees step up to provide holiday cheer each year.

What is the Gingerbread House and how did EPIC get involved?

The Gingerbread House is an organization that helps out individuals and families in Washington County who do not have adequate resources to meet their basic needs or properly celebrate the holiday season. We love getting connected to groups like this—especially locally—and we’re proud to work with them each year!

What’s the process of getting assigned a family and gathering presents?

I let the organizers at the Gingerbread House know how many people we’d like to sponsor, and they send over information on a family or multiple families, including what’s on their wish list. Usually we create gift tags with the person’s ID number and gift ideas (based on what that person filled out in their family profile sheet) and hang tags on a tree, and then employees take the tag (or multiple tags) for the family member they want to sponsor. However, we did things a little differently this year. Since we’re not in the office, I created a spreadsheet with the family information and needs, and let people choose who they wanted to sponsor and what they wanted to buy for gift(s). We miss the fun of taking a tag off of a tree, but in the end we still provide the gifts, which is all that really matters.

How have the employees at EPIC responded to this project?

I hope a lot of people enjoy this project. I think for some, this is an easy way for them to help out. And I think it’s fun for people to buy some of these gifts, because it’s not stuff they would normally buy during the season. Our team continues to show their generosity and creativity year after year.

What does it mean to be a part of something like this?

It’s nice to help out families in need. We get a little bit of background on the families, and it sometimes breaks your heart. A lot of us want to do more—as much as possible—to make a difference. It tugs at the heartstrings more when the kids are young, and especially when they are similar ages to my kids. I think we all hope it makes Christmas magical for the kids and makes it easier on the parent(s). A lot of us wish to see the excitement from the families, but we know that we made a difference regardless.

From our team to yours, we wish everyone a safe, happy holiday season!

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