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If culture is king, then our people are royalty

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A company doesn’t create culture; culture comes from the people that work at the company. Think about some of your favorite jobs while growing up—I bet you were part of some after-work activity, had long-running inside jokes or regularly chatted with a couple of friends. At EPIC, we give our employees the opportunity to build friendships through clubs and activities. If someone has an idea, we listen and give them the resources they need to accomplish it. Throughout the past couple of years, we’ve started a number of activities revolving around food, sports and fun.

Our Food Club, run by two members of our account team, Mary Hacker and Natalie Ortego, has taken on a life of its own. We have a food cart that sporadically weaves its way through the building and drops off treats on holidays, like Strawberry Shortcake Day, National Guacamole Day and National Brownie Day. They’ve hosted food-related events like our most recent SOUP-er Bowl party where we had a soup cook-off and watched Super Bowl commercials. These events are all-inclusive and a fun way to break up the day and rejuvenate the staff.

Every agency has its share of sports fans and we’re no different. Our public relations supervisor, Scott Covelli, or Coachvelli as he’s affectionately called on the field, leads our softball team on the field every Wednesday during the summer. One of our account managers, Zak Becker, leads our bowling league—almost a prerequisite when one of your accounts is the largest manufacturer of bowling balls. Last but not least, yours truly manages a kickball team that takes over the softball fields at the end of their season. These activities are great ways for our staff to bond and showcase our athletic prowess.

While the aforementioned activities are fun, not everyone likes sports and cooking in their free time. One of our front-end developers, Cody LaPlant, brings in board and card games, and now we have regular adventures over lunch. We have a Book Club run by one of our project managers, Sara Nelson. And most recently there has been chatter about playing trivia regularly and visiting karaoke spots after hours.

Culture in the workplace is a key ingredient to the success of any business. When you stop thinking of culture as pool tables, lounge areas and game rooms and start thinking of it in terms of people, you end up with a team of committed individuals who are excited to come to work.

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