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Our Favorite Sassy Brands (And Why They Work)

author: Jacy Glazier

Written by: Jacy Glazier

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Sometimes it seems as though the internet runs on sass—so it’s no surprise to see big brands incorporating sass into their social media accounts. But not every brand can get away with it because it’s not a one-size-fits-all strategy. In this article, we are going to talk about some of our favorite sassy brands and why this approach works for them.


Wendy’s is no stranger to beef; their slogan “fresh, never frozen beef” is what makes them stand apart as a major fast-food franchise. Their social accounts seem to have taken this to heart, as they’ve started “beefs” with most of their competitors-like this tweet where they literally call themselves out. This type of transparency works for Wendy’s because it is what their audience asks for and expects, while also matching their brand personality.


Some might think Denny’s tweets are random and they’re just trying to get in on whatever is trending (which is true to a point) but believe it or not, there is a strategy behind them. The tweets may sound as if they are coming from a teen but that’s because, in a way, they are. The voice is supposed to reflect “America’s diner,” which means sounding a lot like the customers and conversations that happen inside Denny’s restaurants around the country.


Probably the most shocking sassy brand of the bunch is Merriam-Webster. The account is known for trolling a certain politician with tweets like the one below, but that doesn’t necessarily make the brand political or one-sided. The great thing about Merriam-Webster is they remain factual in their tweets (even when they might sound petty), which is what you would expect from a dictionary, and the fact that they have 705k followers on a platform that is mostly understood by Gen Z says they are doing something right.

Taco Bell

From poems to prom photoshoots and even graduation caps, Taco Bell has no problem getting their customers to talk about their brand. In fact, Taco Bell has become so popular on social media and in today’s pop culture that it’s not rare to see people professing their love to the fast-food chain and receiving it right back. This is likely because Taco Bell realizes that to reach their audience they need to hire them. Millennials can spot inauthenticity a mile away, so to be a truly transparent brand, you need to just be transparent. Taco Bell has really mastered the social media game, and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

These are just a few of the brands that are well known for their sassy ways, but remember-even though it works for them, it does not work for every business. One thing that does seem to be a good idea across the board is honesty. Today, brands are viewed as “people” with their own personalities, and the number one trait people like in humans is honesty. So as you create your brand voice (whatever it may be), be sure to keep transparency top of mind.

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