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Five Tips For Capturing Photo + Video Content That Stands Out

We’ll be honest, we’re all in favor of full, professional video and photo shoots; it’s how we got our start! But the truth is, you don’t always need to have a top-notch photographer on hand to grab great content. Everyday occasions around the office, such as a potluck lunch or “Bring Your Dog to Work Day,” play well on social but don’t necessarily require a full camera crew. In these cases, it helps to know a few tricks about capturing social-worthy content—even if you’re not as familiar with photo and video, as say, an agency with 30+ years experience.

1. Don’t Cut Off Feet, Hands, Or Heads—You’re Not A Serial Killer

Jokes aside, keep your subject(s) in the frame. They don’t need to be centered entirely, but you should frame them intentionally. A general rule of thumb for beginners is to have those you’re photographing either entirely in the frame or cropped in from the shoulders up.

2. Make it Fun

If you’re going to grab group photos, keep the energy up! Try making your audience laugh to encourage natural smiles. And remember: people tend to soften up just before or after they believe the photographer has taken the picture. One trick is to crack a joke, then start counting “1, 2, 3!” and take photos before, on, and after three.

Another way to get authentic content is to encourage team members to take photos amongst each other and share with someone who can upload them to social media throughout the day. Additionally, encourage team members to tag the company’s social pages so that you can repost straight from the brand page or story.

3. Keep It Candid + Move Around

Group photos are excellent, so long as you remember to also focus on candid moments. These natural moments are a great way to show an authentic perspective.

It’s never a bad idea to take photos from multiple angles and check a few different options to frame your shot. There’s no need to jump on tables—though that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t if you’re up for it! Still, it never hurts to test out different perspectives to find what’s most eye-catching or unique.

EPIC Shoot at Echo Robotics Trade Show Booth
Jim Becker and Fuzz Martin at EPIC Livestream
In front of the EPIC Offices on Flannel Day
GIS First Green Event
Shooting at The Cedarburg Bog

4. Use Natural Light Whenever Possible

Turn off your flash. You don’t need it, and it’s likely not worth the picture if you do. Generally, you want to take photos in areas offering as much natural light as possible. Keep in mind that if you take a photograph with the window behind the subject on your mobile phone, nine times out of ten it will result in a poorly lit silhouette. If you set up the room so your team is facing the window, you’ll increase your chance of getting well-lit shots.

5. Don’t Skip The Apps

Mobile editing apps are perfect when you need some quick adjustments. Don’t be afraid to test out different apps, including features that may be available right on your phone! Get creative with filters, test out taking a panoramic image, 3D photo, or even a slow-mo video.

Capturing engaging behind-the-scenes content doesn’t have to be complicated—it should be fun! While not every event or daily activity needs showcasing, it’s comforting to know that with these tips in mind, you’re on your way to great content.

Bonus Tips For Offsite Shoots + Events

  • Don’t just stick to eye-level shots. Get low, get up high, and explore uncommon views audiences don’t usually see. The more you’re moving, the better!
  • If you have a more detailed event or shoot, bring photo and video examples to pull inspiration from for reference.
  • Make sure cameras and phones have full battery life and always pack extra chargers and memory cards.
  • Not every photo needs to be perfect. Keep testing different angles and remember: the best way to learn is by doing it!
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