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Social Sensitivity Scale: Labor Day

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The Social Sensitivity Scale series continues at EPIC Creative®, this time with a rather safe holiday when it comes to social media: Labor Day.

If you’re not familiar with what this series is all about (well where have you been?) check out the introduction blog post and use this scale for reference.

Labor Day earns a “1” on our scale. Falling on the first Monday of September, this day marks a time to honor American workers, big sales for department stores, and the unofficial end of summer as we know it.

Over the years, the nation quickly embraced the idea of a holiday that centered on being boss and cubicle free. In 1894, Congress passed a law making Labor Day an official holiday. The holiday was celebrated all over the country with street parades and speeches to show the spirit and strength of trade and labor organizations.

So don’t labor away. Here are a few tips to keep you labor-free this labor day.

Create a Contest – Let users generate content for you. People have an extra day off, but it’s not full of events like other holidays, so people have free time. Challenge followers to post about their extended weekend plans or even how your product is being put to use.

Turn Off Notifications – Just this once, turn off those pesky email notifications that remind you when there’s a new follower or mention. You create periodic reports, so eliminate the minor notifications.

Post It Again – Reuse old posts that performed well in the past. A tweet half-life is fairly short, so go ahead and schedule that tweet to publish twice, or three times in a month.

Many people will have the extra time to scroll through their feeds, so have fun with it and make the most of all that engagement.

But don’t stress about it too much. You deserve this day off, too.

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