Pet Hair Don’t Care

Speed Queen

Pet Hair Don’t Care

A social media campaign that celebrates the unconditional love between a human and their furry friend. It’s for the people whose photo library is 75% photos of their pet; the ones who forfeit bed space for the comfort of their dog; or the ones who begrudgingly give in to the cat sleeping on top of their head.
But above all, it represents a love so deep that we put up with the copious amounts of shedding that comes with being a pet owner. It’s the sacrifice of knowing that—no matter how often you vacuum or lint roll—you often leave the house wearing your pet owner status.

A collage of photos of pet dogs and cats.


Premium laundry brand Speed Queen partnered with EPIC to reach a new audience — pet owners — to raise awareness of their innovative new TR7 washer and DR7 dryer with Pet Plus™ technology.

To kick off this initiative, Speed Queen partnered with Best Friends Animal Society, a no-kill animal welfare organization. As Best Friends’ official laundry partner, Speed Queen is uniquely positioned to tell compelling stories of how their commercial-grade laundry equipment with Pet Plus™ technology can help animal caregivers remove hair and odors, so they can spend time doing what matters most—caring for their furry friends.


With an in-depth understanding of the Speed Queen DR7, the only dryer model on the market with pet-specific cycle options designed specifically for pet hair removal and drying of pet items, and Speed Queen’s marketing goals, EPIC developed a strategic social media marketing plan and creative campaign: #PetHairDontCare.



We brought #PetHairDontCare to life through a comprehensive brand system—all based on the Speed Queen and Alliance brand guidelines, but with a fun twist.

Campaign colors, fonts, image style, textures, and creative elements were established as a guideline for all campaign creative, ensuring each asset was high-energy, bold, caring, and playful—just like our furry companions.

Speed Queen Campaign Assets

Speed Queen Mobile Screenshots

Speed Queen Mobile Screenshots

Speed Queen Samples Collage








Outbound clicks

Speed Queen Screenshot

Susan Miller

Marketing Business Partner – Residential, North America
Alliance Laundry Systems LLC

EPIC has become an extension of our team—from strategy and ideation to social media management, they’ve stepped in and owned this campaign. Beyond that, they’re incredibly creative. We’re consistently proud to partner with EPIC.

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