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We were born in a garage. Now we’re a full-service agency living in an art museum.

Our clients will tell you that says a lot about who we are and the work we produce. Fair enough. But also, finding a garage that’ll hold an 85-person advertising agency ain’t easy.


EPIC Blog | What's Your Process? Q+A on Traffic with Lindsay Kellerman + Brittany Pawlowski view project

Best Practices, Culture

What’s Your Process: Q+A with EPIC’s Women of Traffic

EPIC Blog | Improve Web Performance with User Experience Research view project

Best Practices, Research

Know Thy Customer: Online Edition

EPIC E-Roll | Video Director Scott Rivera and His Creative Family view project


E-Roll | Scott Rivera

Made to order.

hamburger graphic with several toppings, where the topping represent our array of in-house agency services

Your burger isn’t just a burger. It’s a full-service EPIC burger, guaranteed to satisfy your business hunger.

Whether you’re eyeing a small, à la carte marketing project or need a full-service marketing company to execute 360-degree campaigns, your order comes with a generous slathering of the secret sauce that’s been the envy of the Milwaukee marketing & advertising community for over 30 years: an experienced, efficient, fun-loving, results-driven team of creative dynamos. (Thousand Island dressing also available upon request.)

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