EPIC Success: Fall Lawn-Aeration Awareness

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Written by: Ben Mason

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If you’re in our neck of the woods—Milwaukee, that is— you’re probably thinking more about staving off hypothermia than caring for your lawn right now. But when you’re a full-service marketing agency, finding creative solutions in the face of less-than-ideal conditions is all in a day’s work. In fact, if you’re really thinking outside the box, you might just discover that the day is the work.

The Challenge

While professionals in the green industry agree that aeration is an essential practice, studies show that the average homeowner has a pretty pronounced tendency to overlook its importance when it comes to maintaining lawn health—and curb appeal.

RYAN Turf, an industry leader in turf care equipment, tasked EPIC with finding a fun, engaging way to educate the public about the necessity of including lawn aeration in their fall lawn care. If executed successfully, such a project would not only result in positive PR for the RYAN brand, but also increased sales of its aeration machines.

The Solution

EPIC created “National Aerate Your Lawn Day — and launched a 360-degree campaign to promote it.

  • EPIC PR and Media Teams: Lawn & Landscape Publication Targeted Media Kit, Trade- and Consumer-Media Outreach
  • EPIC Video and Creative Teams: Short Promotional “Aeration Block Party” Video
  • EPIC Social Media Team: Targeted Social Media Outreach
  • EPIC Web Team: Aeration Landing Page

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