Work Hard and Be Nice to People

Our Culture

With, Not For

Our dedicated staff works with brands—not for them—to produce great creative, memories, careers, and sales.


  • We are scrappy, honest + kind.

These three words go a long way in showing how we treat our work, our clients, and our coworkers.

Our Home

Yes, it’s a former art museum. With a bumper pool table. And a shower. And a vault that doubles as meeting space. Oh, and weird tiny doors that lead to terrifying places.

West Bend old downtown.

And all of it’s situated in the charming hamlet of West Bend, WI, just north of Milwaukee.

Our Causes

Work Hard and Be Nice to People
Anyone in the agency biz will tell you the “Leadership” section of their website gets a ton of action. Why? Because potential employees and clients want to get check out the bosses' pics and see if they seem like, you know, reasonably decent human beings. Well, here they are. You be the judge.
Timmothy Merath is the COO of EPIC Creative.

Timmothy Merath

Chief Operations Officer

Celebrity Doppelganger: Seth McFarlane/Matt LeBlanc
Joe Rogge is the CCO of EPIC Creative.

Joseph Rogge

Chief Creative Officer

Song He Sings When No One’s Around: “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”
Lisa Pence is the CFO of EPIC Creative.

Lisa Pence

Chief Financial Officer

Favorite Libation: Whiskey Old Fashioned Sweet with Olives (“Because I usually have this while waiting for dinner, and I'm hungry, so the olives are like an appetizer.”)
Fuzz Martin is the CSO of EPIC Creative.

Fuzz Martin

Chief Strategy Officer

Special Talent: “I know the lyrics to pretty much every country song produced between 1990 and 2010.”
Jim Becker is the CEO of EPIC Creative.

Jim Becker

Chief Fun Officer

Favorite Quote: “Be a duck, remain calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath.” ― Sir Michael Caine


EPIC Creative group photo in old building.

EPIC Creative Souper Bowl soup cans.

EPIC Creative basketball team group photo.

EPIC Creative has a grill party in a GEST meeting.

EPIC Creative Pecker fans group photo.

EPIC Creative employees have fun at work.

Close look of EPIC Creative group photo taken in front of EPIC building.

Four EPIC Creative people are having fun with blowers.

Work Hard and Be Nice to People

Saying we have a pet-friendly office is an understatement. Just ask our pet(s) of the month:

"I take my job as Supervisor and Chief Cricket Eater very seriously."

– Rick

Petsitter: Danae Schultz

Playlist of the Month

Memorable Music Videos

With these songs, the music only tells part of the story. Look up the videos that go with these tracks!

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