Epic Success: Steiner 450 Launch

author: Ben Mason

Written by: Ben Mason

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The Challenge

In the green industry, the Steiner name is as storied as they come. Consequently, launching a new Steiner tractor—especially a new flagship product like the 450—requires a delicate touch. Naturally, anticipation was very high, but we wanted to strike just the right tone, one that said “innovative” and “new”—without alienating longtime brand advocates.

With all this in mind, we decided a press conference would be the ideal approach: It’s a live event with built-in drama—and yet it allows for a high degree of control, as audience first impressions are based on highly strategic information delivered by a single source.

The Solution

Of course, press conferences come with their own challenges—in this case, the time and expense of flying in media and distributors from across the country. So, long story short, we leveraged the expertise of our in-house video, accounts, PR and media teams to bring the event to them—via a live streaming press conference, which featured:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Pre-produced highlight video segments
  • Live viewer Q&A
  • Multiple live broadcasts for multiple audiences
  • Broadcasts for the internal Steiner team, the media and the general public via YouTube and the Steiner website

And to promote it…

  • EPIC’s Social Media and SEM teams employed targeted ads, Facebook and the Google Network.
  • EPIC’s Creative and Web teams utilized targeted emails and calendar reminders.
  • The event was also supported by the audience, which included Steiner customers, dealers, fans, and media.

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