Trends In Design 2022

author: Emily Gunkel + Nick Swenor

Written by: Emily Gunkel + Nick Swenor

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Inclusive, accessible + high-viz

EPIC Art Directors Nick Swenor and Emily Gunkel put together this fun reel to showcase the top trends to look for when it comes to graphic + digital design this year.

1. Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.
In both photography and copy, know your audience and represent them authentically.

2. Accessibility
Be accessible in print, user interface, and user experience. Check your fonts, colors, readability, and user functionality, and be ADA compliant.

3. Scrollytelling
Experience the art of storytelling through a digital interface. Expect to see an increase in horizontal scrolling.

4. Large, Moving Typography
Make a statement with large dominant headlines. “Brutalist” typography is trending in the coming year.

5. High-Contrast Colors
Use color to grab attention and stimulate emotion, but keep it ADA compliant.

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