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Imagination + Invention

Dave Razor is a Motion Graphics + Animation Specialist at EPIC. His mind works in mysterious ways, but he is a genius at bringing our clients’ ideas to life in video. See his workspace and learn about his creative process, his work in the metaverse, and more.

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I think I’ve always been a nerdy creative, always into video, always into motion, always into more experimental kind of stuff.

My name is Dave Razor, I am an animator and motion designer at EPIC Creative. I live on a farmhouse on some acres in deep, rural Wisconsin, and we do not have good internet. So I was on a scramble to find a place that has any kind of coworking capabilities. It’s an amazing place to be, and to work in a creative field. It’s almost like the universe came together, and here I am in a perfect place.

I imagine a guy floating in meditation style above Saturn. I couldn’t shoot that, but I can animate that. To me, reality—no matter which reality you decide to bend and push into—is worth exploring.

Right now, I think what is capturing me—my imagination—so much, it’s, hands down, the blockchain, the crypto universe, the metaverse, NFTs. I’m building up, in the metaverse, omniverse … whatever you want to call it … an NFT shop in a VR environment in the metaverse that belongs to everybody.

You look at a computer for like 12 hours, if it’s a big project. When I hit that roadblock, I actually go and lay on that couch and I just stop everything, and I just let everything come in, and take a few breaths, drink some tequila, and then all of a sudden back at it. And then all of a sudden everything’s great.

I feel like I’ve found a place—I found my place, potentially—which is a cool thing, because I’ve never said that.

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