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The warm greeting at EPIC

To celebrate National Receptionists Day, we want to pay tribute to Kim Trevisan, the smiling face that has greeted EPIC guests and employees at our front desk for more than 6 years. Kim actually wears many hats—her official title is accounting assistant and she does lots behind the scenes to help keep things running smoothly at EPIC.

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Being the first face that people see when they come in the door at EPIC is a good thing because I’m a people person so I like to greet them. So I try to make a first impression by just having a big smile on my face and being friendly to them.

You name it, I’ve done it here since I’ve started. I’ve had a lot of roles here at EPIC. I’ve been at EPIC for 6 years and my job title is accounting assistant and also receptionist.

“Good morning, EPIC Creative.”

My favorite part here at EPIC is probably the variety of things. I never know what I’m going to walk into every morning, and you never know what people are going to ask you to do. The day usually flies by. I can’t even keep track of time sometimes. We’re just busy.

I’m also maintenance and snack bowl filler. I don’t think anybody really complains as long as there’s chocolate! I love hearing people having fun, and that’s what happens here. When the office is filled up with people and laughter and noise, you know that you’re going to have a good day. You can tell that everyone cares and that makes a big difference.

Work Hard and Be Nice to People


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