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It’s Just Like Your Mother Always Said…

author: Gail Burnside

Written by: Gail Burnside

VP, Business Development + Marketing


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Honesty really is the best policy when it comes to client communication

Account managers at EPIC have two key roles:

• Being the voice of the client within the agency.
• Being the voice of the agency to the client.

Because our account team members are naturally “people persons,” client communication is usually not hard for us… it’s fun! You—our clients—are nice people, true professionals and experts in your industries. We work to build long-term relationships with you, earning your trust through our advocacy, our clear and direct communication, and by delivering great work for you. We don’t just want to make you happy or make you look good…. We want to thrill you!

That doesn’t mean all client conversations are easy. Sometimes we have to balance your goals and expectations with the realities of time and budget. Or, in spite of the fact that we try to serve each of you as if you are our only or our most important client, we must sometimes negotiate the needs of an individual client with the needs of every other client that works with our agency. Or sometimes, we just have to deliver bad news.

How do we do it? It is as simple as following the advice that (I hope!) your mother always told you… Honesty is the best policy.

We strive to be open and transparent and solution-oriented in our dealings with all of our clients. If we can accommodate a change in scope within your budget, we will. If we can meet your aggressive schedule, we will. But if we can’t, we will be honest with you… and work with you to find a solution that works for everyone. We inform you promptly when something changes that will affect your project or campaign, to minimize unhappy surprises. And if we don’t have an answer or solution, we won’t make something up—we will do our research and get back to you.

That’s a big reason that so many of EPIC’s clients have been with us for years and even decades. Most of you are the same way we are—honest and open and fair. You understand that things can and sometimes do go wrong. But it’s our collaborative response to those very curveballs that cements our partnership, builds mutual trust and ultimately leads to better work and bigger successes in the long term.

And it starts with honest, open communication from day one. Thanks, Mom, for the life lesson that serves our clients so well!

Work Hard and Be Nice to People


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