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Lifting Up Higher Education

author: Dan Augustine

Written by: Dan Augustine

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EPIC launches initiative to support marketing professors + students

The front of my syllabus borrowed a line from Sondheim’s Sunday in the Park with George: Order, Design, Tension, Composition, Balance, Light, Harmony. God, I loved teaching. I gave it up when I became a father. Spinning the plates of employment, marriage, fatherhood, and adjunct teaching ultimately found me sweeping a lotta broken dishes off the floor; something had to give. But I miss it. My years spent in front of the classroom left me deeply grateful, fulfilled, and happy. I taught design at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, I taught copywriting at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Advertising Strategy at Marquette University.

During that time, one of the things I stressed to my students was that there are great opportunities that lay in front of them right here in Southeastern Wisconsin post-graduation. Dozens of high-profile agencies with regional, national, and global accounts; multiple ad clubs and networking communities; and most certainly a quality of life that rivals any other city in the country. I knew many of them had aspirations for Madison Avenue, Boston, Portland, London, Paris, and beyond—I know I did when I was their age. I found that my lecture became more of a plea: Don’t go. After graduation, stay. Cut your teeth in Milwaukee, build your book, and maybe then go in search of points beyond. The message must’ve landed. There are a couple of dozen of former students still in the area I now get to call colleagues; one of the very best I get to call a coworker here at EPIC.

As industry leaders, we’re obligated to support our students and educators, build the infrastructure, and provide resources and inspiration for the next generation of creative professionals.


The thing is though, it’s not enough to encourage students to stay here. We have to put some action behind the sentiment. As industry leaders, we’re obligated to support our students and educators, build the infrastructure, and provide resources and inspiration for the next generation of creative professionals.

And EPIC Creative is committed to making that happen.

We’re excited to launch our new higher education initiative. Exclusively for students and teachers practicing marketing and creative communications, we are committing the full breadth and depth of our talents and expertise to further your understanding of advertising. If you’re a student or a teacher in need of assistance, guidance, or inspiration, simply reach out. Our team is dedicated to providing:

Portfolio reviews

Every student interested in a critique of their portfolio will be connected to an agency leader who will review their work, provide constructive criticism, and answer any questions related to interviewing, landing a job, or the various careers within advertising.

Informal interviews

We will work with any student looking to practice interview skills, get a better sense of the hiring process, or get a better idea of what they can expect when looking for a job. These meetings can be conducted virtually or at our offices in West Bend.

Agency tours

Any student, class, or ad club looking to learn more about agency life, see how an agency operates, and learn more about the disciplines that make up our industry is welcome to join us at our main office or video/motion/photography studio in West Bend. EPIC team members will be available to guide the tour and answer questions along the way.

Classroom/club speakers

From conceptual development to public relations, account management to video production, and everything in between, EPIC Creative is available to speak in classrooms or to ad club gatherings. Just let us know where and when and we’ll be there.

And if there’s something we’re not offering that you need? Get in touch and we’ll do our best to lend our expertise to your cause. The point is: your success means a brighter, more prosperous, more creative future for all of us in the greater Milwaukee advertising community.

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