BelAir Cantina Menu Design

The BelAir Cantina has become a favorite dining destination across Milwaukee, but when they came to EPIC in 2014, we cranked up the momentum even more. As part of a full brand redesign, including a new website, we created a new menu to showcase their fresh, tasty food. Bold colors, fun copy and a clean design reflect the dining experience at BelAir, making it even more memorable for everyone who comes through their doors.

Have Fun With It

The design and copy in the new menu say two things: fresh and fun. The only thing bolder than the one-liners is the color scheme. We wanted to drive home the "California food truck" identity, keeping it simple yet exciting. Perusing the menu is even a little adventure in and of itself!

Bread and Butter

We worked with BelAir to highlight their signature items on the menu, specifically tacos and tequila. We created a new tequila menu, kids menu and brunch menu to match the fresh, new look of their brand.

Change With Ease

The BelAir Cantina is never afraid to showcase new food items to keep their menu as fresh as the food. We regularly update their menu and take care of the printing for them. What can be a huge hassle for some restaurants is no big deal, thanks to our agile design and copywriting teams.

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